Contract Printing

In addition to producing quality journalism, we offer professional-grade printing resources. 


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The Press

Our Mako News CTP Machine and Goss Community Web Presses consistently service clients in the Northeast region.


With a print rate of 14,000 copies an hour and a 1-day turnaround, The Harvard Crimson provides regional institutions the opportunity to partake in industrial standard, high-resolution printing at lower rates than competitors.

Our Process



Get connected with one of our team members to let us know of your printing requirements, and receive a personalized quote.



Please submit your print issue according to the formatting specifications as a PDF file by 6pm ET one day prior to the Print Date. 



Our team will process and run the print production with one day turnover.

Delivery or Pickup

Unless otherwise specified, The Crimson delivers newspapers via FedEx for clients in the immediate region. Pick-up at The Crimson can also be arranged.


Formatting Specifications

Color Pages


  • Color pages and their content (images, text and figures) must be in CMYK color space, not RGB.

  • Black text and objects must be 0 C, 0 Y, 0 M, 100 K on all pages, including color pages.

  • BW pages must be in Grayscale color space, not RGB.

Page Sizes and Margins


  • PDF dimensions should be 11" x 21", 11 x 17", or 10.5" x 12.5", according to broadsheet, tabloid, and FM respectively.

  • Leave at least a 0.5" margin between content and all four edges of the PDF so no content is cut off during printing.

Page Count


  • The minimum page count is 4 pages: front, back, and center spread.

  • Tabloid and FM papers must be a multiple of 4 up to 32 pages.

  • Broadsheet papers must be a multiple of 2 up to 16 pages.

  • Please contact our team about exceptions to the maximum page count.

Exporting the PDF


  • All images and graphics must be linked to their original sources for the PDF to be exported in high resolution.

  • From inDesign, PDFs should be exported as Adobe PDF(Print), not (Interactive).

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