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Crimson Business Alumni Recount Their Experiences

Max Sosland '19

Associate Business Manager, now works at Fareharbor

"There has been no better experience on this campus. Through both the work and the community, I believe I have truly learned how to be a real person. The skills from learning how to run and be a part of a business like this is unparalleled." 

Kyler Chase '19

Advertising Associate, now works at Deutsche Bank

"As an advertising associate I have had the incredible opportunity to work with professional head marketers and recruiters. While you learn a lot along the way from pitching ideas, designing contracts, and negotiating prices, there is no feeling like finally closing your first five-figure deal with a major company.”

Rachel Kang '20

Marketing Associate, now works at Microsoft

"The Harvard Crimson's Business Board not only provides professional growth through real-world experience, but is a wonderful community that has made The Crimson my second home.  Despite the shameless fun I have connecting with schools/companies through both my personal interactions and even the most mundane activities, the work we do is never without reason.  Even more importantly, however, I have made some of my closest friends through the Business Board!  This wonderful family is the reason why I can enjoy doing work when it's not the most glamorous, and is what has made college a lot less insufferable overall."

Charlie Zhu '20

Business Manager, now works at Bank of America

“The Crimson Business Board was the most important experience of my college career. The exposure to practical business skills and leadership opportunities was second only to the lifelong friends I met along the way. Our community was incredibly welcoming, and as a result, I’m proud to have been a part of the Business Board.”

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