The Printing Press

Take a look at one of the nation's only remaining collegiate in-house printing presses.

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Founded in 1873, The Crimson is the print and online newspaper on the campus of Harvard University, operating independently of the college.

Unlike any other collegiate newspapers, The Crimson is one of the few daily newspapers to print exclusively in house. The Crimson also runs an contract printing department that services both Harvard publishing groups and high school newspapers.

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The Crimson's Goss Community press was first introduced to The Crimson's basement in the 1970s. In 2004, The Crimson added two new color units to the Goss Community press. The Crimson's daily has featured full color on the front and back pages ever since.

With over 1500 issues produced per school day, The Crimson prints over 2 million pages of newsprint every academic year.

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'Keep the old sheet flying,' a phrase commonly used throughout The Crimson's history, is attributed to a 1933 wire from a newly inaugurated Franklin D. Roosevelt, who could not attend the 60th anniversary of The Crimson. 'I'm sorry that I cannot attend your celebration,' Roosevelt wired, 'Keep the old sheet flying.'

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