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The Crimson Brand Studio

The Crimson Brand Studio

The Harvard Crimson's Sponsored Content Branch


Developing creative and impactful solutions

The Crimson Brand Studio develops native advertising on behalf of The Harvard Crimson, the nation's oldest continually published college newspaper. We produce, publish, and promote stories that engage our local and global audiences. We will create tailored and compelling experiences that will drive brand awareness with our audience of millions of Harvard-affiliated readers.

Our team will work with you personally to establish objectives, coproduce content, and strategize a marketing campaign in a way that best suits your brand's specific goals.


The Crimson's news and opinion teams, including writers, editors, photographers, or designers, are not involved in the production of content for The Crimson Brand Studio.

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The sponsored content industry is booming

Sponsored Content is a relatively new industry that continues to develop rapidly. It combines product advertising with compelling stories and has been shown to increase consumer interest. The Crimson officially started its Brand Studio in 2018, becoming the first collegiate newspaper to do Sponsored Content. At the Crimson Brand Studio, we embrace this new form of marketing and work with both local and international clients.


cheaper cost per click than traditional advertisements


of people prefer to learn about companies through sponsored content than banner ads


higher average click-through rates than traditional display ads in the U.S.

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some of our sample sponsored content work.

10 Successful Harvard Application Essays

With the top applicants from every high school applying to the best schools in the country, it's important to have an edge in your college application. In our 2019 edition, check out ten of our newest Harvard application essays and profiles from students who made it in.


Listicles are articles presented in the form of a list, meaning you can cosponsor this with other companies. This would be useful when there is the potential to craft a cohesive narrative relevant to multiple brands.

Successful MBA Application Essays

With an increasingly competitive MBA admissions process, it's important to understand what makes an applicant stand out. Admissions consultants share their clients' accepted MBA application essays and analyze what makes them work.

Step Up Your Summer With These Awesome Programs!

From one Harvard student to another, don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!

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See the people and places your brand can reach.


Average Page Views for a Premium Article


Time Spent on page relative to Crimson News articles


More Page Views than Crimson News Articles 

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What will we create

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The Crimson Brand Studio


The Harvard Crimson

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Address: 14 Plympton St,. Cambridge MA, 02138


Phone: (617)-576-6600 ext. 202

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