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The advertising and media industry is changing faster than ever, and our business team is dedicated to finding innovative advertising solutions to continue to deliver results to our clients. Our advertising products range from online digital to social media, from sponsored content to digital billboards. 

Explore our wide range of advertising products, and click below to get connected with a member of our business team.


Social Media

Social media posts offer the most precise targeting of specific demographic groups within the Harvard community and beyond. 


Our sponsored social media posts include posts to Facebook and Instagram.

Add The Harvard Crimson's branding to your marketing campaign.

Offers the most precise targeting of specific demographic groups within the Harvard community

Social Media


The daily print edition of The Harvard Crimson commands a strong, engaged, and loyal audience 
with undergraduates and graduates on campus, faculty and staff members, and alumni nationwide.

A comprehensive outreach campaign features print to create the strongest brand awareness possible within the Harvard community.

5,000 copies distributed weekly

Printed every Friday morning

Distributed to undergraduate houses, main campus centers, mailed subscriptions


Digital News Displays

The Harvard Crimson now offers premium digital advertising on our digital news displays. We currently offer these newsracks in most of the Harvard undergraduate houses, the Science Center Plaza, and Annenberg Hall. 


Research has shown that, due to their dynamic and interactive nature, digital signage yields recall rates of over 80% and have a greater impact on audiences than static flyers. Digital billboards are the ideal way to promote your products, services, and events.

43" HD Screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels

Height: 5'11, Width: 2'1

Photos, Graphics, Videos (no sound)

Digital Billboards


Online advertising on is one of the best ways to engage the global Harvard community on a large scale. Harvard alumni, parents of students, and other members of the global Harvard community represent the majority of our digital audience, as well as students and faculty on campus.


News articles, editorials, investigative features, sports coverage, and all other content produced by The Crimson is published on, including the most up-to-date breaking news on campus.

15 million page views year-round

1.3 million monthly page views

8.7 million unique readers this year


Email Newsletter

Email newsletter advertising reaches a loyal, core audience that is best suited for raising awareness about events and programs, opportunities and applications, and other dates and deadlines.

From breaking news to events on campus to the daily undergraduate dining hall menu, the email newsletter has the most relevant and engaging content hand-picked by The Crimson newsroom every day.

30% daily open rates 

38,000 subscribers

11,000 views each day

Your newsletter ad will be inserted in all types of email newsletters sent out that day

Email Newsletter

Sponsored Content

The Crimson Brand Studio collaborates with advertisers to design and write articles at the direction of our clients. Our team works with you to produce, publish, and promote stories that engage our local and global digital audiences to make a meaningful impression about your brand.

Sponsored articles use storytelling to deliver meaningful messages to our readers, undergoing rigorous editing when provided by the advertiser to ensure article quality. 

4 times the average click-through rates than traditional display ads

1:01 minutes average time on page (22% higher than industry-average 50 seconds)

Recall rate for sponsored content is 86%, larger than the recall rate for regular advertisements (65%)

Sponsored Content
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