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The Harvard Crimson is the nation’s oldest continuously published daily college newspaper and the only daily publication of Cambridge, Massachusetts. We work with advertisers ranging from national companies to local businesses, from student recruiters to advertising agencies. 

The media and advertising industry is a constantly changing landscape, and our business team is focused on innovative advertising solutions to stay ahead of the curve and deliver results to our clients.

Our Clients

The Harvard Crimson reaches readers overseas, nationwide, as well as on Harvard's campus in Cambridge. We are the go-to source of Harvard-related news, and are read by Harvard students, parents, faculty, and alumni alike. See below for just a couple of the clients we've worked with in the past.

Our Clients

Our Products

The advertising and media industry is changing faster than ever, and our business team is dedicated to finding innovative advertising solutions to continue to deliver results to our clients. Our advertising products range from online digital to social media, from sponsored content to digital billboards.

Hover over any of the images below to explore our range of advertising products. Please reach out to our advertising team at or fill out the contact form below for pricing inquiries.

Social Media

Sponsored Facebook Posts offer the most precise targeting of specific demographic groups within the Harvard community.


The daily print edition of The Harvard Crimson commands a strong, engaged, and loyal audience with undergraduates and graduates on campus, faculty and staff members, and alumni nationwide.

Email Newsletter

34,000 subscribers receive email newsletters from The Crimson every week. Students, faculty, and alumni read the email newsletter to the latest news about Harvard.

Sponsored Content

Our advertising clients partner with us to plan campaigns that effectively and tactfully reach the Harvard community.

Digital News Displays

The Harvard Crimson now offers premium digital advertising on our digital news displays. We currently offer these newsracks in the Harvard Houses, the Science Center Plaza, and Annenberg Hall.


Online advertising on is one of the best ways to engage the global Harvard community on a large scale.

Our Products

Client Solutions



We work with local to national businesses and Harvard programs to advertise to the Harvard community on campus.

Client Solutions
Our Process

Our Process



We want to learn about your advertising goals, while introducing you to our advertising offerings in order to find the campaign configuration that will best meet your goals.



After planning your outreach strategy, you may either provide your own creative materials, or request the services of our marketing team, who will be happy to design them for you.



Once you're happy with and ready to launch your finalized creative materials and campaign timeline, we'll get your outreach campaign up and running!



Your advertising account executive will review the results of the campaign with you, and also discuss the campaign's creative and product strategies. 

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