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College Insights Program

Become a more competitive candidate in the college admissions process.

The Harvard Crimson is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. Created by some of our most talented and insightful staff, the Crimson's College Insights Program offers students of all ages an incredible and affordable opportunity to learn about the college application process. The College Insights Program is conducted via pre-made online content, live webinars and Q&A sessions that are hosted by our staff at the Crimson. Enrolled students will have the unique opportunity of gaining expertise about standardized tests, achieving high grades, college essays and more directly from experienced and successful Harvard students.

Our Courses

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Our Courses

Unit 1: Building Your Academic Aspect

Learn how to effectively enhance what Harvard admissions officers would call the Academic aspect. In this Unit, we break down one of the most important aspects of Harvard’s holistic admissions process and use it to demonstrate how students can exceed academically and convey this success to every school that they apply to.

Our Courses

Unit 2: Building Your Extracurricular Aspect

In this Unit, we explain in great detail the extracurricular aspect of Harvard’s admissions criteria. Moreover, we use Harvard's extracurricular aspect as a framework to show how students can best strengthen this part of their application and their ability to communicate their extracurricular achievements.

Our Courses

Unit 3: Building Your Personal Aspect

We simplify what many consider to be the most confusing facet of the Harvard admissions process - the Personality aspect. We show how students can favorably showcase their personality through their college applications. Although this explicit scoring system is unique to Harvard, one's personality can help a student stand out to admissions officers across many different colleges.

Our Courses

Unit 4: College Application Logistics

We give an overview of all the things students should know about before they even begin their applications. We discuss the relative importances of GPAs, high school coursework, AP tests, the ACT/SAT, SAT subject tests, and more. We also introduce the application timeline and explain the many different application deadlines (Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, etc.) that students will encounter.

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Unit 5: Telling Your Story

There are many conflicting ideas as to what constitutes a good college essay, but in this Unit, we give a real inside look into the dos and don'ts of crafting a great college essay. Most importantly, we explore the ways in which students can use their college essay to effectively tell their own unique stories.​

Our Courses

Unit 6: Case Studies of Admitted Harvard Students

We examine detailed case studies of a few applications of admitted Harvard students. Through an analysis of the shared characteristics of these successful yet diverse college applications, we show the core factors that constitute a strong college application, and how students can use these factors to make their own applications unique yet similarly impressive.


Gain access to all of the above courses for just $59.00!

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