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Why Digital Displays?

Why Digital Displays?

The Harvard Crimson now offers premium digital advertising on our digital news displays. We currently offer space to advertisers on eleven (11) machines in high traffic locations across campus: eight of the upperclassmen dormitories, the main Science Center, and Annenberg Hall, the freshman dining hall, and the Smith Campus Center.

Photos, Graphics,


43" LCD Screen

1920 x 1080 HD

Height: 5'11"

Width : 2'1"

newsrack mockup.png

Why Digital News Displays?


Research has shown that, due to their dynamic and interactive nature, digital signage yields recall rates of over 80% and have a greater impact on audiences than static flyers. Digital news displays are the ideal way to promote your products, services, and events.

11 displays across campus

with more coming!

Dining Halls

Main Campus Centers

Lecture Halls

Advertisements rotate with native

Crimson headlines


Photo Gallery

How It Works

reserve a date

submit a creative

editors prepare slides

slides published daily

immediately begins to display across campus

How It Works

How It Works

Campus Placement

Pforzheimer House, Dining Hall

375 residents

Cabot House

Dining Hall

375 residents

Currier House Shuttle Stop

355 residents + 750 daily passersby

The Science Center

Approx. 400 daily passersby, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, tourists

Annenberg Hall

Placed at only exit of the Freshman Dining Hall

1800 freshmen, 2-3 times per day

The Smith Campus Center

The "Collaborative Commons"

A common study space for students, approx. 300 daily passersby

Lowell House, Dining Hall

400 residents

Winthrop House

"The Winthrop Grill"

400 residents

The Adams House Inn

200 residents

Dunster House

Dining Hall

400 residents

Mather House

Dining Hall

400 residents

Hover here to explore the campus placement of our digital news displays on campus!

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