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Why Newsletters?

From breaking news to events on campus to the daily undergraduate dining hall menu, the email newsletter has the most relevant and engaging content hand-picked by The Crimson newsroom every day.

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18,000 subscribers receive email newsletters from The Crimson every weekday morning. Students, faculty, and alumni read the email newsletter to the latest news about Harvard.


Email newsletter advertising reaches a loyal, core audience that is best suited for raising awareness about events and programs, opportunities and applications, and other dates and deadlines.

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Specs & Best Practices



  • RGB Color Space

  • Include a click-through URL.

  • Runs in all newsletters sent on the scheduled day.


See for a list of our email newsletters.

Best Practices


  • Keep the banner simple: A call to action and interesting graphic is all you need!

  • Be mindful of audience: does your banner communicate to your target demographic? Consider using multiple banners on the different newsletters running on the same day if needed!

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