Social media posts offer the most precise targeting of specific demographic groups within the Harvard community and beyond. Our sponsored social media posts can include posts to both Facebook and Instagram.

Our readers on social media share, comment, and tag other users in posts that they find engaging. Over 80,000 Facebook subscribers see posts from The Crimson’s page on their personal newsfeeds. The Crimson’s newsroom selects choice content to be posted every hour of the day, every day of the week.


With most of our undergraduates navigating to through social media, sponsored posts are also one of the best ways to attract student pre-professional talent.




  • Headline (25 characters)

  • Post Description (125 characters)

  • Image(s) or Video

  • Click-through URL

  • Optional: Link to your Facebook page to be tagged in the post

Best Practices


  • Write an eye-catching headline!

  • Know your audience. What age groups do you want to target? Geographic location? Demographic? Interests?

  • Avoid text-heavy images/videos. Use Facebook's web tool to test if your image has too much text.

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