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Why Newsletters?

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content articles use storytelling to deliver meaningful messages to our readers, undergoing rigorous editing when provided by the advertiser to ensure journalistic quality. Articles are either client-provided or custom produced by our in-house Crimson Brand Studio team, and hosted on indefinitely.


The Crimson Brand Studio collaborates with advertisers to develop sponsored content on behalf of The Crimson. Our team works with you to produce, publish, and promote stories that engage our local and global digital audiences to make a meaningful impression about your brand.

Why sponsored content?

Storytelling engages consumers more effectively

Improves brand recall more so than traditional advertising

70% of people prefer to learn about a company through sponsored content compared to normal banner ads

Recall rate for sponsored content is 86%, larger than the recall rate for regular advertisements (65%)

Average click-through rates (CTR) for premium native ads on mobile devices were more than 4x higher than the average CTR of traditional, non-native display ads in the US

Specs & Best Practices

Additional Materials

Download the one-page fact sheet


Download the policies and guidelines

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