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Why Social Media?

The daily print edition of The Harvard Crimson commands a strong, engaged, and loyal audience with undergraduates and graduates on campus, faculty and staff members, and alumni nationwide.

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The daily is printed every weekday morning, and 1200 copies are distributed to all undergraduate houses, the graduate schools, and major hotspots around campus. Harvard alumni also subscribe to the print edition to have the daily distributed directly to their doorsteps.


A comprehensive outreach campaign features print to create the strongest brand awareness possible within the Harvard community. Talk to our business team about discounted pricing on package deals.

Specs & Best Practices



  • Print ads must be in grayscale or CMYK color space.

  • With the exception of backpage color, all print ads will be printed in grayscale.

  • JPG or PDF file format preferred.

  • Inserts must be shipped to our office at least 48 hours prior to ad run date.

Best Practices


  • Use an interesting, eye-catching graphic.

  • Limit the use of text to just the essential messages.

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