Plympton Street Productions

PSP is The Harvard Crimson Business Board’s creative consulting and marketing agency. We help our clients plan and execute highly tailored marketing campaigns aimed at college students and the broader Gen Z community. Our services include photography, videography, graphic design, copywriting, and digital marketing strategy. 

Our mission is to revolutionize traditional marketing by merging our combined experience in design and advertising with a fresh Gen Z perspective.

Our Process



Maybe your social media following has hit a plateau. Or you're looking to attract college students and don't know where to start. We got you. Let's chat and see how we can help.



We'll work together to brainstorm and craft a tailored multimedia strategy and full package to help you achieve your goals and metrics. This could be a months-long project or an ad hoc marketing campaign. A full-stack website or an animated blog post.



As we near the project start, we'll onboard the team and map out our launch. Together, we'll execute the multimedia campaign strategy we worked to create.



How did we do? After launching the social media campaign, blog, website, or video graphic--depending on the project--let's touch base on the metrics.


Our Services

Your competition is marketing faster than ever, and you need innovative solutions that deliver. Our multimedia services include creative strategy, copywriting, graphic design, search engine optimization, photography, and videography. Past clients have requested social media takeovers, website redesigns, campus launch strategies, pitch deck creations, op-ed articles, and campus launch marketing strategies--to name a few.

Please reach out to our PSP team at or for consultation and pricing inquiries.


Creative Stategy

We are your consultants for the Gen Z demographics. We meet your business where it is and design innovative programs for launching on a college campus, engaging Gen Z audiences, or cultivating a strong brand presence.


We write effective and engaging content to help you connect with your customers. Examples include: advertisements, flyers, newsletters, websites, and brochures.

Graphic Design

We craft compelling graphic design that aligns with your brand's goals and communicates your message through visual art. Examples include: logos, advertisements, flyers, newsletters, infographics, website banners, and brochures.

Search Engine Optimization

We help optimize your online presence and rank higher on search engines like Google and Yahoo, driving higher traffic to your website.


We provide top quality photography, including editing capabilities. Examples include: event photography, product photography, and headshots.


We design highly edited videos, helping you show your brand in the best light. Examples include commercials, short films, and interviews.


Our Clients

We believe in forging dynamic, long-term relationships with our clients to better understand their business needs and synergize goal-oriented campaigns to help them take their strategy to the next level. Here are a few of our past clients.

paragon one.png

Our Team

Shay Pezzulo

PSP Manager

Class of 2022, Human Evolutionary Biology (Mind, Brain, Behavior)


Luke Bradley

PSP Manager

Class of 2024, Social Studies


Kaelyn Ha

PSP Manager-in-Training

Class of 2024, Economics & Psychology

Kaelyn Ha Profile Pic 3.jpeg

Sun-Jung Yum

PSP Manager-in-Training

Class of 2023, Economics & Computer Science

Formal 4_edited.jpg

Joseph Jang

Senior PSP Associate

Class of 2023, History and Science (Medicine and Society)

Kai Ford

Senior PSP Associate

Class of 2023, East Asian Studies (Language)

Taia Cheng

Senior PSP Associate

Class of 2024, Comparative Literature & Classics Joint